Minister Suharso: 21st Century Learning Paradigm

Minister Suharso: 21st Century Learning Paradigm
Minister of Bappenas RI Suharso Monoarfa. []

Jakarta,  – The 21st century is a century marked by the sophistication of technology and information. This will affect the learning process. Bappenas has reviewed, there are 4 learning paradigm in the 21st century.

First, learning is directed to encourage students to find out from various sources or through observation, not being told.

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Second, learning is directed to be able to explore and formulate problems [ask] through the inquiry method, not just solve problems [answer].

Third, learning is directed to train creative-critical-analytical thinking [decision making], not mechanistic thinking [routine].

Fourth, learning emphasizes the importance of peer-to-peer networking, cooperation, and collaboration in solving problems.

In the learning process, students also need to be equipped with basic knowledge and skills based on literacy 4.0, which are very much needed in the future.

The knowledge and skills include: data literacy, are processing, utilizing information and big data in the digital world; humanitarian literacy, are humanism, communication, social relations, civic ties; technological literacy, are utilizing and developing technology for education, learning innovation; digital literacy, are being able to access digital content, selecting and sorting material, being critical of digital data and information circulating via social media, self-censorship and religious literacy.

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